Author Topic: Setlist: [Kung Fu] 2009-12-28 - Stella Blues; New Haven, CT  (Read 5599 times)


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Setlist: [Kung Fu] 2009-12-28 - Stella Blues; New Haven, CT
« Reply #30 on: December 29, 2009, 08:18:09 pm »
Fun times till I got sick.. loved the setlist..
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Setlist: [Kung Fu] 2009-12-28 - Stella Blues; New Haven, CT
« Reply #31 on: September 16, 2011, 09:37:07 am »
Quote from: alexanderzurflu;249631
I know for a fact the webcast link posted on other boards has gotten people in the door the following week who would never have heard of this project.  

It is also awesome for people like myself to connect with this new band from so far away each week.  

Big thanks to Matt Vallo for making it happen!

Quote from: Spacey;249628
Quote from: krispy;249624
bottom line is it\'s the bands product to give.  Right now they are happy giving it away.  Who the fuck cares.


IMHO, this is the best thing for them. Adrian told me that people where watching in Thailand a couple weekends ago. Not sure if he was explaining how he liked the webcasts or if there were actually people watching in Thailand. Either way this creates such an exposure that it would take years to without the webcast.

It doesn\'t seem to be affecting anything either.

If it wasn\'t for the webcast the people from Bonnaroo might have never seen the show. Didn\'t make it up last week because of the snow.

Quote from: peaches626;249629
I support the webcast.  i work most mondays and am too far to get there, but sometimes i can get to my house in time to catch the 2nd set!!!

bout to start watchin last nights show- pumped!!

Quote from: TeddyT;249633
I wish Pschedelic Breakfast had live webcasts during their beginning residency at The Brick House. Keep the webcasts going. Kung Fu is barely a month old and they are getting good exposure. Stella Blues has a good crowd on pretty much every monday and it almost feels like a weekend the second the band plays the first note. If anything, change the residency from monday to thursday. The place would practically be packed if it was a free show on a thursday night. Webcast, facebook announcements, show reviews (outside of .info) are just a few ways to get them exposed. There are plenty more ways. That\'s just my two cents, which I was saving up to pay your mom, but she said it was her pleasure.

Quote from: leith;249637
Quote from: Stephengencs;249610
Oh and here\'s my $0.02 regarding the AV Club webcasting these shows.....FUCKING STOP IT.  Or at least set it up in a way where if you are within 100 miles of the venue, the webcast is blacked out.......

I have not even gotten past this post. You may have come around.
Steve you are wrong. Really You have no CLUE what this exposure is doing for them OUTSIDE of podunk CT. The reason there is no scene in CT. is because it\'s CT..
No other reason than that.
Get over it.

If there was no webcast going on there would not be the interest being cultivated every monday of people THOUSANDS of MILES away for this project.

Some people not even that into The Breakfast now dig the KUNG-FU and are re investigating The Breakfast.

So in that matter it is a help 2 fold.

As for the people within driving distance well that is a sad thing but I know getting rid of the webcasts would do more harm than good as far as publicity.

The one week there was no webcast people were ser bummed and not just me.
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