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Anybody else watch this one? There isnt much else on at 9 on a wednesday and its pretty enjoyable.  Benjermaine Bratt formerly of law and order (and formerly Mr. julia roberts) is a navy seal (cough bullshit cough) who is transfered out of the field and into the pentagon. He ends up working in the so called e-ring section where they make descions about missions in the field. My favorite part of the show is dennis freakin hopper.  he has been quoted as saying he would never act in a tv series but said when he read the script he wanted in. every show he puffs cigars, cracks wise, and listens to seventies rock while layin on the couch in his office. lots of gunplay, a few hot girls (mostly bratts girlfriend), and plenty of hopper being hopper.Aslo ex producer is jerry bruckhiemer. all around the best show on wednesdays imo
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