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Re: How about a Breakfast Tour Fund?
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And Kung fu is incredible. They are killing shit right now and have no signs of slowing down. Stevie wonder tribute in Feb? Who else in this business could pull that off? Nada one.

Learn to enjoy what is happening and not be spiteful about the breakfast's shortcomings.

I would guess there are a ton of musical acts that could pull of a Stevie Wonder tribute show. Who else could do that? Are you ser? Are you saying Kung Fu nailed Stevie Wonder both instrumentally and vocally? This I doubt, let's get real, Stevie Wonder signs like an angel. As a tribute, lots of bands could play Stevie Wonder and lots of bands do from time to time.

I was never spiteful about The Breakfast's shortcomings because they are the best live band I've ever witnessed.

I have no desire for Kung Fu to slow down, in spite of my only occasional desire to see them personally. I do have a desire for The Breakfast to play shows again, even if it's in the time they have between Kung Fu mini tours or whatever. Tim, Adrian, Jordan, and Chris have all juggled multiple acts before and presently. So I just hope they are able to make time for what I believe is the best act each of them have singularly and as a whole.
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