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Tumble Down 9/23/03
« on: October 12, 2023, 08:19:17 am »
These days are different to say the least. One thing that hasn't changed is my desire to make it to every show I can. They are few and far between currently, so to me, each show has incredible weight and meaning. When this festy set was announced, I immediately started planning and making sure I could attend. This would be my 50th show, and while not a lot in the serest of sense, this was huge to me. The late night spot, closing out the whole event, perfect. This has the makings of a landmark event.

I played frolf with a Seracuse-area friend at a new course for me during the day. Thumbs up!

Wonderland Forest is a beautiful spot for a festival. The camping was primitive and on the side of a hill, so hauling the gear in and finding a semi-level spot to lay my head was a chore. I found an out of the way, chill spot and set up my home for the night.

To cut to the Chase, I hung around the stage waiting for Twiddle's set to end. I know set times at a fest can be a bit fluid and their set seemed to stretch on. I wasn't watching the clock but I was a tad surprised that almost immediately after their set finished Adrian hustled right over and joined the rest of the band on the other stage. I am amazed at the stamina that man has. He is an animal for sure!

At last! It was so great to see them on stage again. Space City Affair evolved out the night air as more people made their way from the main stage over to the show. A lot of people were also leaving. Must be people who got day passes and split after Twiddle. They had to walk by the stage the Breakfast was playing on so that was a little weird. There were still a few hundred? around the stage area. I was about 10 people back Branch side and the sound was enveloping me, making all the efforts to get here melt away.

SCA kept growing and started to take some shape into more jammy territory. I was ecstatic when Rufus kicked in! All right, here we go! Rufus was long and jammed out. I think Adrian said "48 1/4" which made me chuckle and wonder what the joke was. The jam got super thick and webby before folding over ever so nicely into a chunky Phaddy.

After they wrapped it up, there was a message from the side of the stage and then Tim says, "We have one more for you." Wait, what? Fuck. I think their set was supposed to be an hour or an hour and a half, but I think they got to play about 35-40 minutes. Bummer.

Tim introduces the Vermont Song as one of Adrian's first tunes they played at the start of it all. Very cool. VT was great as always. Chris took a tasty solo that had Jordan up and dancing around.

And that was it. Great set, super short, but excellent and I'd do it again in a second. Can't wait for the next one!
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