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Escher's Gallery
« on: January 15, 2022, 08:37:30 am »
I love this site. It's my favorite place to go on the web. I miss the days when this place was hopping. I want to make sure this site lives on forever, and not just in the matrix of the Wayback Machine. I want to help with hosting costs, etc.

But, I digress. What happened to all of the photos we had? Do they still exist? Is it possible to revive that aspect of the forum? What's involved?

I am also interested in helping to maintain this site, but I need to learn. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'll be the first to admit that my knowledge on the subject is very limited. 
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Re: Escher's Gallery
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2022, 10:39:14 am »
Way back when the OG site went down... I think Mike transferred it to a new server. When that occurred, I think some things were lost in translation, unfortunately.

All of the boards themselves physically transferred, but it seems like any images that were posted did not make the jump.

You can message kindm's to see if he will grant you access as an admin as I believe he hosts the site at this point. For the most part, I think there are still some visitors that frequent the site, but when it went down... it was in a time when FB seemed to be taking over and replacing pages like this for social purposes. I think a lot of members just didn't take the time to create new usernames. Although,  FB groups or other social media pages will likely never replace the archiving and type of content that is stored here, that's for sure.

I certainly appreciate the assistance that you help with here. I must admit, I slacked on updating the KF LMA links over the last few years. And I pretty much stopped adding all the extra side project things to the calendar at this point. I focus on the B'fast dates, audio links and do my best to keep up with the other audio links for the other random side projects and groups more recently. I know they can all be searched for on the LMA, but I think its cool to have then all centered in one place. I know there's probably a ton that  I've missed, so if you come across any in your surfing, let me know...

I've definitely missed linking all of those more recent shows mvallo posted in the B'Fast FB group as well as adding them to the TDIBH. So again, feel free to let me know things that I've missed and I'll add them. Over the years, I've tried to remain true to the way the OG admins set up the page. I'm a stickler for chronology, filing & order. I guess it just makes it easier for me to know where things are located or how to search for them easily.

Anyways... any and all help is always appreciated. I feel like this place is like a library at this point. There will always be a need for libraries for some of us!
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