Author Topic: [LMA] The Breakfast: 2019-08-15 Yasgur Road Reunion; Bethel, NY AKG c426 hyper  (Read 409 times)


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The Breakfast


Yasgur Road Reunion
Yasgurs Farm
Bethel, NY

Source: AKG c426 (hypers, 90) >V3 >HDP2 (24/48) >CF
Transfer: CF >Audacity >CD WAV Editor >TLH >FLAC

01] Doughboy
02] Phaddy Boom Baddy
03] Existential Funk
04] Rufus
05] Villanova Junction Blues*
06] Soul Sacrifice

*1st time played (Jimi Hendrix)

Notes: About 10ft up 45ft from stage. Right corner of sound tent. PA crackling and static
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Nice! Thank you!!!
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