Author Topic: Optical Delusion - A Visual Journey Through Sound (Psychedelic Breakfast)  (Read 363 times)


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OK so you guy probably have a copy of this DVD. But I was ripping my collection and came across this one. I hadn't watched it in years. The grand scheme on this DVD is from 2003-06-07 which is what prompted me to go looking for that show (random post from the other day)

I knew the guys (Optical Delusion) and they were a fixture at many of the Tobacco Road shows (PB as well as most of the THG produced shows at the bar). They did killer live visuals. This is before you could load it all on a computer etc and they mixed it live and with old and new tech. Fun guys.  So I guess they teamed up with the house sound guy Arlen (The Guy who would never cough up the only copy of the NYE show PB played at the bar) to create this DVD. I managed to cut the other segments (Raq & Particle) out and just leave the PB. Link is below and its good for 1 week. I can always re-upload it if folks miss out

I should add its an mkv file and about 1GB
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Thanks for the share kindm's. This Scheme is fiery!!