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Who Wrote \'Em?
« on: April 18, 2004, 07:27:31 pm »
I\'ve always wondered who has writing credit for all of the Breakfast originals.  I\'ve started a list based upon the official site, the "Deuce" liner notes, and the lyrics thread, but it\'s still very incomplete.  Any help?

Attraction To Shade Ditty (Spears)
Beef Barley (Psychedelic Breakfast)
Beer Jubilee
Buquebus (Palmieri)
The Chase
Cosmic Spaceway Rhyme
Cut Me Some Slack
Dimension 5
Drunk Monk Bar (Giangreco; Palmieri)
Episode 1 (Happy)
Escher\'s Etchings
Food For Thought
Frankly Po Zest
Funky Bill\'s Circus Cliche
Garcian Fishbowl
Gladys Pimp & Kangaroos With Me
Grand Scheme of Things
Great Big Fiery Ball In The Sky
Gypsy Girl
Hard Luck Harry
Inner Glimpse
Language of the Gods
LDZ (Psychedelic Breakfast)
Love Lake
May Fly Disarray
Mooboo\'s Voodoo (Episode 2) (Palmieri; Tramontano)
No Glove No Love
No Regret
Phaddy Boom Baddy (Psychedelic Breakfast)
Question Mark And The Mind (Palmieri)
Rufus (Tramontano; Palmieri)
See The Light (Tramontano; Palmieri; Moniello; Giangreco)
Sleeping Beauty (Palmieri)
Son Of Simpleton
Sundance (Palmieri)
Superfly Phaddy Fat
Taboo Or Not Taboot
Tribal Funk Affliction (Psychedelic Breakfast)
Uncle Freddy
Vera St. (Palmieri)
The Vermont Song
Vortex (Psychedelic Breakfast)
Wake up in a Coma
What The Funk (Palmieri; Spears; Tramontano)
Wild Pack Of Asscracks
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Who Wrote \'Em?
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2004, 01:19:24 pm »
Beef Barley (Palmeri - at least the music)
The Chase (naked society)
Cosmic Spaceway Rhyme (Palmeri)
Episode 1 (Happy) (palmeri)
Escher\'s Etchings (Tramontiano - music, justin maturo - lyrics)
Food For Thought (palmeri)
Frankly Po Zest (Palmeri) - "I wanted a song Adrian could rip out alot of terri bozzio fills during"
Garcian Fishbowl (Palmeri)  - I remeber someone telling me tim wrote this one night after tripping, just sat there and played it straight out without thinking about it
Gladys Pimp & Kangaroos With Me (Spears)
Heather (Palmeri) - "My sister Heather told me once that she didnt like any of the music I wrote, so I wrote something she would like. - Tim
May Fly Disarray (PB, Kevin Ross)
Merge (Palmeri) - "I was driving, tim was sitting in the back seat. we were on tour down south, and tim kept playing that damn riff over and over again for like 2 hours straight, driving me insane while he wrote the lyrics. When he brought it to the band he explained it once to adrian, and they played through it one time - that was all it took" - Cari Option
No Glove No Love (Palmieri, Giangreco)
Puppetry (Tramontano, Giangreco, Moniello)
Rufus (Tramontano)
Son Of Simpleton (Palmieri)
Spunk (Tim and the bassist from the spunk diesel experiments)
Superfly Phaddy Fat (Palmeri)
Tatanka (RHCP??)
Uncle Freddy (Palmeri)
The Vermont Song (Tramontano, giangreco)
Za -  I know Tim had been writing a song for sallys for at least the last 2 years, don\'t know if he sites others with writting credit though.
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