Author Topic: Setlist: 2000-06-30 - Phish Show Meadows Parking Lot; Hartford, CT  (Read 434 times)


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Set I: Superfly Phaddy Fat > Gladys Pimp And Kangaroos With Me > I'm The Slime > Tribal Funk Affliction, Phaddy Boom Baddy, Episode 1(Happy), 2001 > Grand Scheme Of Things* > Drum Solo > Sunshine Of Your Love > Taboo Or Not Taboot, Attraction To Shade Ditty > No Glove No Love, Scarlet Begonias > Lit, Good Times Bad Times > Bugs, May Fly Disarray, Garcian Fishbowl, Beef Barley > Funky Bill's Circus Cliche

-Many Phish teases throughout performance
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