Author Topic: [LMA] Psychedelic Breakfast: 2001-11-27 - Blues Cafe; New Haven, CT  (Read 905 times)


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One set

 Disc 1
 1. Drunk Monk Bar >
 2. jam > Wake Up In A Coma >
 3. Great Big Fiery Ball In The Sky >
 4. No Glove No Love
 5. Magic Fingers >
 6. You Scared The Lovin' Outta Me* >
 7. Cut Me Some Slack

 Disc 2
 1. Score**
 2. Drum Solo** >
 3. Jam**^ >
 4. Taboo Or Not Taboot**
 Space City Affair^^ >
 Castles Made of Sand#
Collection PsychedelicBreakfast
Band/Artist Psychedelic Breakfast
Venue Blues Cafe
Location New Haven, CT

Source Unknown
Lineage cd-r > EAC > WAV > Trader's Little Helper for FLAC16 conversion(Level 8)
Transferred by The Breakfast Audio Preservation Project

* Funkadelic cover; Unfinished
 ** with T.Z. on congas and percussion
 ^ Linus and Lucy Theme(intro) and Don't Cry For Me New Haven teases
 ^^ Little House I Used To Live In (Frank Zappa) teases
 # Dedicated to Jimi Hendrix for his birthday

 I apologize for the vague lineage. I received this show on cd-r and I merely extracted the music and converted to FLAC. FFP created on 04/07/16. No further processing was done. This sounds very good and is a great show!

 There is one source at Source # 6523:

 soundboard matrix via digi001/protools:
 2 stage Akg483>dmic20>spdif>digi001; split at corners of drum set
 below are board inserts(mackie)
 4 vocals mics
 1 guitar (mic)
 1 bass (direct)
 1 synth (direct) + lesley low (mic) + lesley hi (mic) = submix(Behringer(left) MX802A > digi001
 1 overhead (mic) + kick bass (mic) + snar (mic) = submix(Behringer(right) MX802A > digi001

 recording/mixing/tracking/shn by matt vallo (

 This is another effort to preserve the recordings of PB/The Breakfast.

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