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MP3: The Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26 Daniel Street; Milford, CT
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Disk 1:
Disk 2:

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The Beatles A-Z
Daniel Street; Milford, CT

Set 1 Disk1
01. Intro
02. And Your Bird Can Sing&
03. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite&
04. Cry Baby Cry&$$
05. Doctor Robert*@
06. Everybody\'s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey$
07. Flying*&@
08. Good Day Sunshine*@
09. Here Comes the Sun*&
10. I Should Have Known Better*^$
11. Julia@@
12. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds*&
13. Mr. Moonlight&
14. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)&
15. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da*$
16. Penny Lane*@
17. Run for Your Life$
18. Sie Liebt Dich&@
19. Things We Said Today@
20. Wait&@
21. You Won\'t See Me*$

Set 2 Disk2
01. Intro
02. Another Girl@
03. Baby\'s in Black&@
04. Can\'t Buy Me Love*$
05. Dig a Pony&
06. Every Little Thing&@
07. From Me to You^&@
08. Got to Get You Into My Life*$
09. Happiness is a Warm Gun*&
10. It\'s All Too Much*@
11. Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey*$
12. Love Me Do^&@
13. Matchbox&
14. No Reply&
15. Only a Northern Song*&
16. Please Please Me^&@
17. Roll Over Beethoven*@
18. Something*&
19. Twist and Shout*$
20. What Goes On*&
21. You\'re Going to Lose That Girl&

22. Encore break:
23. While My Guitar Gently Weeps*@
24. Why Don\'t We Do It in the Road?*&#
25. Wild Honey Pie*&@$
26. With a Little Help from My Friends*^&

Unless noted otherwise, the lineup for this show consisted of Tim Palmieri on electric guitar, Sean Miller on acoustic guitar, Ron Spears on Fender P bass, and Adrian Tramontano on drums

* Fred DiLeone on electric piano
^ Peter Lachmann on harmonica

Lead vocals

& Tim
@ Sean
$ Ron
# Adrian

@@ played and sung solo by Tim
$$ Sean on vocals for "Can You Take Me Back" ending

Recording By Matt Vallo
AKG 480/CK63 -10db/70HZ rolloff/DIN > DMIC20 > DA-P1 (S/PDIF in @44.1KHZ/16bit)
Transfer: DA-P1 > Digi001 S/PDIF 44.1KHZ/16BIT Via Soundforge 7.0 Normalized/added fades at beginning and end of sets > CD wave v1.97 > MP3@320kbps

Thanks you Josh Dobson for mixing sound and Chris Pitch for posting the setlist

899f1a3459f90eecd2d81a78de75738b *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26.txt
651a5ff2527014bb4e07cca008c4b040 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t01.mp3
1630f85b6c9c0ab87c716fdb23efb110 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t02.mp3
aeef1a04e121915485436e8800e16ca5 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t03.mp3
ba08b14d2a2285befbb533c98ab81ea8 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t04.mp3
cde8551acc2780d308ddec48badaef6b *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t05.mp3
c77aaecd14a5fd3d91c304303dab930e *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t06.mp3
822625c5a6f547e0f25df071ab398079 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t07.mp3
fbadcce71f924782881efb194cca8334 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t08.mp3
ace40f3c1c51c919d9f24d114d7b532f *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t09.mp3
b7cca97c3e33432fd805551390039320 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t10.mp3
261473d2a4e6a4fd404bcea71d258146 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t11.mp3
2f98076de6c203c07f657f69844c04b6 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t12.mp3
496ac8006c3eef19774ad8b5cc41b6c7 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t13.mp3
0933cc44c09e9a1ae3e6b029e271e742 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t14.mp3
15c8eeef205ace1039d5287a57d6064e *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t15.mp3
3e8d5b5b12f9126fee69389e1f803147 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t16.mp3
11f79941a814797070b39b4d881305db *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t17.mp3
69dd534138a649cc0e8ed9b1499b2f3d *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t18.mp3
5c7b9661034b2acb36654b97b9aa64ac *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t19.mp3
06484d9c1c55c68cf15918b609123668 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t20.mp3
1d7afacbf545912631662abecf1f061a *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d1t21.mp3
b0d0e8c576f81ef0b8040f7151a22c8e *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t01.mp3
fac542240303f2806cbff5c96685a8a2 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t02.mp3
157eba31883ce1d621736e5fae8acf15 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t03.mp3
f79ba4d35a67765e74160a3579ccacde *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t04.mp3
c4d34907616516a0d556f7b1414be222 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t05.mp3
1767f6da81feb740bbb9efc1f462431f *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t06.mp3
6ce4d620be334e2990daaae36dd5792c *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t07.mp3
6ebe0889305aef43f13e62fdb7909493 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t08.mp3
6e2939a4dab1d193c1ba259c6f4f8b79 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t09.mp3
fce7a7a01e4fda08e7cc49719bf62b09 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t10.mp3
247287f402ab2ffbe16a1201ed0dee89 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t11.mp3
99e988a35b4e5187a48790547cbd5c24 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t12.mp3
dd3712bd07965a83622f950f00d002ce *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t13.mp3
799f6ce408016c11a392258d5a40fead *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t14.mp3
a038bfc6b4ed77e73ca11a155a3c40d5 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t15.mp3
d53423af8995b7366b775b6f05470826 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t16.mp3
c6af3007cc42361ce584c19436d3e12e *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t17.mp3
ec3c70e1fbb147fa32aa6958f831d888 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t18.mp3
995fb99782e780652f64d0f6d6f02266 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t19.mp3
afff10a3aff1483de1a6d210bd16704e *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t20.mp3
d0972d2f03f615b4f9e2992958b57628 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t21.mp3
483e733f9009a1311258b73ea7fd35ea *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t22.mp3
d39a80d5b034ebdbcea2b3389c368b5f *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t23.mp3
c34bd53f5df6937e3b80b6a95b90a9b6 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t24.mp3
fa661ea730c8e0375b9d88b49790dff2 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t25.mp3
4761d41a78ef4583f7a686441904cf14 *Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26d2t26.mp3
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MP3: The Beatles A-Z 2009-04-26 Daniel Street; Milford, CT
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