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Breaking Bad
« on: March 03, 2008, 12:39:21 am »
Anyone seen this?  It\'s a show on AMC with Bryan Cranston (the dad from Malcom in the Middle)  I just started watching it not too long ago, and it\'s really good.  It\'s about this high school science teacher that has cancer so to leave his family with money before he dies he decides to start cooking meth.  It\'s really well done.  Tonights episode with him blowing up the guy that beat up his partner was great, didn\'t see it coming at all.  If you haven\'t check it out, well worth it.  (they tend to show repeats pretty often if you wanna catch up)  new episodes are sundays @ 10

btw: thanks slimpickens I think it was you that recommended this to me.
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